Welcome to Velvendo

Velvendo is a small town in Western Greek Macedonia, has a population of four thousand people, was built on the foot of the Mount Pieria, and from its outskirts begins the man-made lake of Polyfyto.

The history of Velvendo begins many centuries ago. The archeological searches in the areas of Vasilara’s Rake, Gratsane, Paleocastro, and Bravas lead us to believe that the entire area had been inhabited since prehistoric times and from time to time showed important growth. The significant Byzantine, post-Byzantine, and contemporary monuments show the important growth of the area during more recent times.


There are many reasons for someone to visit Velvendo. In addition to the interesting monuments, there is the green landscape that revitalizes you, the cultural activities especially during the summer, and the warm hospitality of the local people. A visitor can go on short excursions in and around town to see the many beautiful landscapes every season of the year and to get to know the hospitable local residents.